cat cafe

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cat cafe

at The Bridge Home

Purrr, you are close to being all set for your cat cafe visit!

Just three more steps:

  1. Please read this waiver. Our cats don’t have any lawyers but they want to be safe.
  2. Take a moment to go through these rules. They help us make your stay with us pleasant for both: you and the cats.
  3. Make your payment. 100% of the amount goes directly as a donation to The Bridge Home. We need to be able to plan, so unfortunately the amount is non-refundable. But if your plans change last minute and you’re not able to visit, feel free to send a friend instead.
choose your time slot

The spaces are very limited, that way we can guarantee a stress free environment for our cats. If the payment link gives you any trouble, we either sold out the time slot or the cats scratched the website. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to answer them through